Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NRC Takeover Stirs Unrest

1 | NRC takeover stirs unrest

A proposed plan by Keep America Beautiful to take over the financially strapped National Recycling Coalition has resulted in a flurry of activity.

The leaders of an alliance of state recycling organizations (SROs) has issued a survey to SRO executives and leaders, seeking the views of each organization regarding the plan to make NRC a unit of KAB. Previous discussions among state association leaders indicate there is little uniformity in the views over the plan, with some groups hating it, some supporting it and some being unsure. The SRO alliance has also launched an internal listserv to generate information and analysis.

A powerful environmental group in California has announced it is starting a new national organization — the Campaign for Recycling. The new organization is being spearheaded by Californians Against Waste, and reportedly has the support of a beverage company, a waste hauling firm and a number of environmental groups. A joint announcement is expected soon.

At the same time, a new group — Save NRC Committee — has been launched by a growing list of former NRC board members, officers and sponsors. The committee plans to inform current NRC members why they should vote down KAB's takeover of NRC.

According to a highly-placed source, the membership vote will take place mid-to-late August. A two-thirds vote is needed to approve the plan.


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