Monday, March 18, 2013

When is " Old Money" NEW Money?

US shreds 10,000 pounds of paper money every day. On a average your dollar survives only 21 months
before going to the shredder. Years ago the US currency removed from circulation was burned. 

Around 1990 the Federal Reserve started to research how they could recycle the money. Horse breeders tried to use the shredded material as bedding but the "old money" caused the horse to break out in skin rashes. Other tests included: insulation, mattress filling and roofing shingles. 

1994 Amazing Recycled Products was working on a research project with Levis regarding recycling their factory waste. We were in the process of extruding pencils when I got the idea that perhaps the US Banknotes could be another option for pencils. We first tried a high compression hex pencil but the results were not of the liking. But after mixing the material with plastic we were successful in extruding pencils. 

We offer both standard pencils and special order golf pencils all made with US paper banknotes. These pencils feature the official reclaimed currency logo so you know you are getting a certified  pencil. 

All made in the United States from US Banknotes. We have now extended this line to include a slim stick pen made with the currency and plastic. 

This pen comes in a minimum of 250 pieces at a special introductory price of .44 each including your message. Please mention " Old Money" Promotion to get this price. The pen features black ink and a cap that is proudly stamped USA 

Our pencil pricing for this special " Old Money"  promotion is as follows:
ARP96009 Round Recycled Money Pencil .30 each minimum 1000 pieces 
ARP96015 Round Recycled Money Golf Pencil .20 each minimum 10000 pieces  
ARP03513 Dollar Sign Shaped Money Pencil 1.50 each minimum 250 pieces  
ARP03700 Slim Stick Money Pens .44 each  minimum 250 pieces 
Pricing good through April 30, 2013 
Pricing does not include shipping and handling
Set up 25.00 each new order for this promotion only 

Amazing Recycled Products, Inc. P.O. Box 312 Denver, Colorado 80201 1-800-241-2174                                   

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