Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013


Today the biggest issue across our world is water. 
How much do we have? How much do we waste? How can we clean it up?

New devices our being invented everyday to simply the process of providing clean drinking
water for all. Larger processes are being designed and installed to recycle large communities water. With drought conditions in the West, many look to the snowpack for their water and are crossing their fingers for a late spring with heavy wet snows.We all need to see how we can conserve water within our home and outside. Some communities will be under water restrictions this summer while others are experiencing flooding. 

How can we best address the variety of water conditions within the US let alone across the world?
Do we need an International Water Commission overlooking how water is used in various countries? How can we prevent opportunists trying to sell water in arid areas of the world? Or how can we prevent corporate or country greed?

As the Ice Pack melts and our oceans rise, it seems to me we need to spend quite of bit of energy and money on how to best use this large open water storage of water, to both reduce the impact of the rising oceans, but to secure water for the next generation. Perhaps we can attempt to store water back in ground aquifers, or in above ground storage tanks.

With water being more frail now, it seems Oil still rules and we continue use this valuable resource to drill deeper,or risk large spills by drilling in water itself. 

So as we all go about this day celebrating our Mother Earth, let us stop and consider, just how important this basic life ingredient is. We can't live without water no matter how much oil and gas we have, and the world needs to keep their focus on water and push this to top of the priority list in every country, every event, every conversation. 

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