Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rethinking Landfills

                                                  Time for the US to 
                       consider more options
                            for our trash 

Sweden incinerates 49% of their trash for energy, only 4 % goes to landfills.
They also recycle 36% and compost 14%
Sweden's program is so successful that they are the only county that currently buys
another country's trash. 


One of 8 Waste to Energy plants in Sweden 

Sweden takes the trash, burns it and turns it into hot water heat and electricity.
Their goal is to be fossil free by 2030. Right now they create 20% of their heat 
Recycling is not forgotten and still is an important part of their waste program. 

They also create bio mass to replace gasoline for cars. 
(station shown above) 

England is also jumping on the bandwagon (Belividere Incinerator show above).
China has 50 plants on line. 
 Mitsubishi is building a 170 million dollar plant in Japan 

The US has over 459 plants, but the bulk of these plants are burning industrial waste and not day to day trash. The picture above is the Waste to Energy facility in Broward County Florida. This facility sits at the landfill  and is partnered with a landfill gas to energy facility. 
Photo: Waste Management

Canada sends trash to the US to landfill and New York send over 10,500 tons of waste to landfill sites in Ohio  and South Carolina.  Isn't time to rethink our trash

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